Dog Collars – Some Alternative Ideas

Is there anything more enjoyable than taking the dog for a walk through country lanes and woods?

Rambling through forests, exploring rabbit holes and sniffing out fascinating scents is the average dog’s idea of heaven.

Dog-walking in the countryside

But, the importance of keeping him under control so that he doesn’t scare farm animals and wildlife cannot be over-emphasised.  Absolutely essential is the need to ensure that his dog collar is always in place and securely fastened.  The collar will, of course, have some form of identity on its tag in case he wanders off and gets lost. 

Too many dogs go missing in the countryside; trapped, scared by loud noises, injured or simply lost in the woods.  It is up to every dog walker to be responsible by honouring the countryside code.

Dogs who pull on the lead

If there’s one thing guaranteed to drive a walker round the bend it’s the dog that pulls on his lead.  Jerking him back all the time is not very pleasant for the dog, or the walker.  But the problem is not insurmountable.

The HALTI head collar is based on the same principal as the horse’s head collar, the idea being that if you guide the head the body will follow. It was designed by Dr. Roger Mugford, a leading animal behaviourist and psychologist.

The HALTI  goes over the nose, but does not restrict panting or yawning.  Although originally intended for large, powerful dogs, it now comes in sizes to fit dogs of every shape and size.

Over the nose and round the neck

An exciting new innovation in the world of dog collars is the GENCON head collar. The GENCON consists of two loops – one to go over the nose, the other round the neck.

Designed by a trainer and breeder with more than 30 years experience beneath her belt, it can be shown to be remarkably effective.  Feedback from those who have tried this new product have praised it enthusiastically.

The name GENCON is derived from the words Gentle Control, because gentle pressure is all that’s needed to stop the dog pulling. Although still relatively new, the GENCON  is already proving popular with pet owners, trainers, behaviourists and vets.

Still a battleground out there?

Another school of thought maintains that ‘you don’t need anything other than a flat collar, a long lead, patience and kindness.’

Too many people turn lead training into a battleground where dog and walker are constantly pulling against each other. Dog training isn’t complicated.  All that’s needed is showing him what you want him to do and praising him when he does it.  Simple.

You’ve tried everything and are still getting nowhere? Then find yourself a good trainer and stick with it.

Good luck!